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Company Profile

When was the Company established?

The Company was established in July 1968.

What is the origin of the Company name?

As a result of a call for in-house suggestions for the Company name, the name was changed from Kakizaki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., to Miraial Co., Ltd., on August 8, 2003. The company name Miraial expresses our desire to create a future for tomorrow by being a company that “Looks to the future,” “Thinks about the future,” and “Creates the future” through respecting the past without being bound by it by continuing our challenge to pursue dreams and creativity.


When is your fiscal year?

The fiscal year ends at the end of January each year. The semiannual financial results are as of the end of July. Financial results are announced 4 times a year including for the 1st quarter at the end of April and the 3rd quarter at the end of October.

When are the financial results announced?

The announcements are scheduled for roughly 6 weeks after the end of the period. Please see the

What was the financial performance?

Please refer to the financial information and IR library  posted on our website.

What is the results forecast?

Please refer to the IR library  posted on our website.


On what exchange is the Company listed and what is the securities identification code?

The common shares issued by the Company are listed on the First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange

The securities identification code is 4238.

What is the stock transaction unit?

It is a 100 share lot.

What is the total number of issued shares?

10,120,000 shares. For details, please see “Status of Major Shareholders” .

What about the dividend?

The dividend is paid twice annually (midterm, end of term).

What is the shareholder confirmation date for payment of dividends?

The shareholder confirmation date for payment of end of year dividends is January 31. When a midterm payment of dividends is conducted, the confirmation date will be July 31. Please see “Dividend” for details.

Do you have a shareholder special benefit plan?

We do not have a shareholder special benefit plan.

What are your thoughts on future shareholder return?

We recognize that returning profits to shareholders is an important issue. That is why our basic policy is to comprehensively determine the dividend based on the performance for the year and future business development while keeping on hand sufficient retained earnings to pay for the capital investment and other items necessary for business growth.

How does the Company give public notification?

The Company gives electronic public notice. However, if notification using electronic public notice is not possible due to trouble or other unavoidable reason, notice shall be given in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

What are your thoughts on the current stock price?

The stock price is determined in the stock market based on the social economic state and other factors, the per share value of the Company’s assets and per share profit, etc., so I will refrain from commenting on the Company’s view of the stock price.

Stock Operations

When is the general shareholders meeting?

The Company’s regular general shareholders meeting is held in April of each year. Please see the IR Calendar for details.

How are the voting rights executed at the general shareholders meeting?

An invitation to the general shareholders meeting and a voting rights execution form is sent to the shareholders of record on the general shareholders meeting reference date (January 31 of each year). Voting rights are executed by bringing the voting rights execution form to the general shareholders meeting or by mailing it in. In addition, the holding of irregular shareholders meetings will be announced in advance when a separate reference date must be set.

Where is the shareholder record administrator?

The Company’s shareholder record administrator is Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited. The operations handling location is the Securities Agency Department of the same bank, but the head office and branches nationwide of the bank as well as the head office and branches nationwide of Japan Securities Agents, Ltd., serve as agents for those operations.

Investor Relations

What is your disclosure policy?

We implement IR activities that are fair and easy to understand for all investors. We will continue highly transparent information disclosure to conduct investor relations that will earn the trust of not only investors but the stock market as well. Please see our Disclosure Policy for details.

Company Information

Company information is disclosed via a timely disclosure viewing service (TDNet) based on Second Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange timely disclosure provisions. It is our pleasure if people will also use this website to gain a better understanding of Miraial.