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Message from the President

The Miraial Group was established in 1968 with the ambition to create “unique value in society” in the plastic molding and machining sector. With the support of our customers and many others, the Group has expanded its operations into a variety of domains, including the semiconductor, automotive, medical device, and electronic components industries.

While the individual companies of the Miraial Group operate in diverse technology domains, we form a united team in the plastic formation and processing value chain. We move in the same direction by sharing the “5 Ms” of the Group’s core technology domains, creating value with an emphasis on “uniqueness,” devoting our efforts to the pursuit of the highest quality and the deepening of our technological capabilities, with the start-up spirit we have held since the Group was first established as our driving force.

Moving forward, we will foster a corporate culture of excellent quality in which every single member of the Miraial Group can enjoy the creation of new value with all their might, and, united as Team Miraial, we will devote our concerted efforts to fulfilling our responsibility to society with the further enhancement of our corporate value as our aim.
We hope we can continue to rely on your support and cooperation.

Masatoshi Hyobu, President