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Quality Policy


This Quality Policy is Miraial’s ultimate goal and the core of our quality management. All quality management aims to achieve this Quality Policy.
With the recognition that the products manufactured by Miraial for our customers around the world have an important role to play and an understanding of this Quality Policy, all employees will unite as one in their awareness of quality from our customers’ perspective and do their best to supply products that our customers can use with peace of mind and satisfaction.

Environmental Policy


As a plant that manufactures plastic and metal products, with our corporate philosophy at front of mind, Miraial recognizes the importance of environmental protection. We have formulated the following Environmental Policy to reduce our environmental footprint and for all employees to strive to protect the environment.

Reducing the environmental footprint of our products

To reduce waste and to conserve resources, we will pursue the design and development of products that are long-lasting and that can be re-used or recycled and products that use fewer raw materials to produce.

Promoting resource-saving and energy-saving activities

We will pursue the reduction of waste plastic and metal emissions and their recycling.
We will also pursue energy-saving activities in the electricity used by our production and ancillary equipment, in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and prevent environmental pollution.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We will comply with legislation, regulations, and ordinances related to the environment and strive for harmony and co-existence with neighboring communities.

Promoting environmental protection activities

In addition to setting environmental objectives and targets, which will be reexamined regularly, we will strive to achieve those objectives and targets and to make ongoing improvements to our environmental management systems through internal environmental audits and other means.

Promoting educational activities

Besides the establishment of internal environmental management systems and of various in-house regulations, we will deepen our employees’ individual awareness of environmental issues through education and training, and conduct educational activities aimed at encouraging concrete action.

Acquisition of ISO

Miraial has built a robust quality assurance framework to answer the trust placed by our customers. All employees are engaged in earth-friendly manufacturing that is conscious of the environment.
As part of those efforts, we have obtained certification for the international standards ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems.
Scope of registration: The following products designed and manufactured at the Kumamoto Plant

– cassettes and cases for semiconductor silicon wafers
– plastic molded products for fluid systems, electrical and electronic systems, and connectors