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IR InformationDisclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy


Information Disclosure Basic Policy

The Company strives to continuously provide information on its business activities, important management operations, and management decisions in a timely, accurate, and fair manner to shareholders and investors.

Method of Information Disclosure

The disclosure of important items is conducted in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure provisions of the JASDAQ Stock Exchange. Disclosures are quickly registered to the TDnet System provided by the JASDAQ Stock Exchange and is also made to the media via the Kabuto Club, the press club in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Other Disclosures

Other information regarding the Company’s business activities or that is deemed to have an impact on the investment decisions of shareholders and investors or in promoting understanding of the Company is actively disclosed.

IR Basic Policy

The Company conducts IR activities actively, speedily, and fairly to deepen the understanding of the Company of shareholders and investors. Legally required disclosure of important facts and other disclosed information is quickly posted on the Company’s website after public notice to expand disclosure.

Silent Period

To prevent the leak of financial information and to ensure fairness, the Company invokes a “silent period” for the financial results of each quarter from the day after the end of the quarter until the financial results are announced during which time the Company will not answer any questions about its financial results.


However, suitable information disclosure during the silent period will be made if there is information that is far outside what was forecast. Note that the Company will answer questions regarding information that has already been announced even during the silent period.