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Company Ethics Charter

The officers and employees of the Miraial Group respect human rights and obey the related laws and international rules in word and in spirit and take action with socially sound judgment both domestically and overseas based on the following 10 principles.

Customer satisfaction and trust

Develop and provide socially significant products, take actions that will satisfy customers and win their trust, and contribute to the development of society.

Wholesome business activities

Engage in fair, transparent, and free competition as well as appropriate transactions and maintain wholesome and proper political and government relationships.

Information disclosure

Communicate with major shareholders as well as broader society and disclose timely and appropriate corporate information.

Create a wholesome workplace

Respect the diversity, character, and individuality of employees; maintain a safe and comfortable working environment; and achieve a refreshing and rewarding atmosphere.

Address environmental problems

Addressing the global environmental problem is a common issue of all humankind, and we recognize it as a requirement for the Company’s existence and activities and thus we are taking voluntary and proactive action in this regard.

Coordination with Society

As a good corporate citizen, we communicate with society and participate in activities that contribute to society.

Activities to counter antisocial forces

We resolutely confront antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order of society and the Company’s wholesome activities.

Coordination with international society

In our international business activities we observe international rules and local laws, respect the local cultures and traditions, and conduct business to contribute to the development thereof.

Realize the spirit of this charter

Managers recognize their role in realizing the spirit of this charter and take the initiative and set the pace while thoroughly implementing it within the Company and making it known to Group companies and business partners. In addition, managers keep abreast of opinions inside and outside the company and build an effective in-house structure while thoroughly establishing the Company ethics.

Duty of managers

When an incident contrary to this Charter occurs, managers will strive to resolve the problem by identifying the causes and working to prevent a reoccurrence. In addition, the managers will discharge their responsibility to quickly and accurately disclose information and give an explanation to the public and then implement strict reprimands, including on themselves, while clarifying the corresponding authority and responsibility.