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We offer innovative value through the development of advanced-function plastic products.

The Miraial Group is a manufacturer that provides support related to plastic products from all angles, including the mass production of advanced-function plastic products through molding and machining, and proposals for molding machine manufacture and automation lines.
We offer innovative value with our technological capabilities honed in many industrial sectors, including the semiconductor industry, which demands a high standard of quality, and our skills in the development of production equipment to realize our customers’ needs.


We offer the best resins to meet our customers’ preferences through material analysis and compound resin development.


We manufacture high-precision products that accommodate our customers’ diverse preferences, using machining and 3D-printing.

Modeling & machining

We provide production equipment tailored to each customer, with vertical molding machines and automation.


We mass-produce advanced-function plastic products precisely and cleanly, giving form to our customers’ requests.


We conduct quantitative analysis and control of chemicals to deliver the high-quality products that our customers demand.

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Miraial's high-function plastic products meet the needs of a wide range of industries exactly and speedily.

Product Information

Product Information

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